Wade Millward

Wade Millward

Starting in 2007, Wade began his career early on at the age of 21 after returning from an LDS mission in the Philippines for 2 years. While in the Philippines he became fluent in Tagalog, both conversational & professional. As a commercial insurance agent, he focuses on establishing long lasting relationships with his clients, always providing value, not just price. Helping the small business owner is what drives Wade to do what he does every day. “People don’t know what they don’t have until they don’t have what they need when they need it.” I’m sure you’re lost now; too often when discovering his clients’ needs he finds they are inadequately insured, underinsured or not insured at all in certain areas. He helps them understand what it is they need & why they need it in a simple to understand way. On a side note, Wade considers himself a “foodie”, with a “sophisticated pallet” and a deep burning desire to eat the best food at the most local of places. He is a member of a cult, Crossfit, but tries to stay away from the odd rituals they perform. He has attempted to eat while doing Crossfit without much success, “trust me, I’ve tried it, but I just can’t keep it down”. Although difficult and often damaging to his body, he enjoys participating in obstacle course races such as Spartan and Tough Mudder. He has a lovely wife, Daphne, to whom he’s been happily married since 2008 and two beautiful daughters, Prestyn and Chandler.


  • Licensed Insurance Agent
  • CIC – Certified Insurance Counselor
  • CWCA – Certified Workers Compensation Advisor
  • LDS Mission – Philippines
  • CERT Trainer
  • CPR Certified


  • P: 800-834-3930
  • wade[a]millwardagency.com