Anita Millward

Anita Millward

Anita was born in South Dakota, graduated from High School in Oregon, where she became a model and oral hygienist. Moving to Southern California, she raised a family of 5 children.

Becoming a home care assistant after her children grew up; Anita decided she wanted more, to work for the family business.

After convincing her husband that it would be a positive experience for everyone, she started working at the Millward Agency in Southern California in 2000.

Back in the day, everything was done with paper, so creating the customer files, repairing them and filing them was a full time job; which she mastered.  Anita also processed notices of cancellation, and with her bubbling personality, she created fine relationships with our customers. Now, 15 years later, Anita is processing all the non-resident licenses nationwide, which, in her own words, is a thankless job; one, no one else dares take on.

An avid backpacker & weightlifter, Anita stays in great shape. She is now a mother of 5, stepmother to 4 and grandmother to 23; carrying a full plate, being the intermediary on all family functions.

Her commitment of 15 years has added value to the family business by her persistent and humbling sacrifice to the Agency and its core values. All who rub shoulders with her come away with a positive experience and a big wide grin.


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