Workers Compensation Insurance

Comprehensive Workers Compensation Coverage


Workers’ Compensation provides medical, rehabilitation and job training benefits for employees with job related injuries, illnesses, or death as mandated by state law. This applies to employees who live and work in the state where the injury occurs, while in the course of their employment.

Failure to carry Workers’ Comp leaves your employees unprotected if they are hurt through the course of work. This would leave you responsible for paying for their care out of your own pocket, and leaves you open to expensive lawsuits. Not carrying Workers’ Comp also leaves your company open to costly fines imposed by the State, and possible closure of your business. You must show a certificate of Workers’ Comp coverage in order to do business in most states.

Workers’ Comp coverages include:

  • Medical expenses for work-related injury or illness
  • Payment of lost wages
  • Settlement of any level of permanent disability