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Millward Agency is committed to providing business owners with the insurance coverage they need to weather any financial storms that can come along. We want to be there for you every step of the way, from securing proper coverage, to managing claims. In addition to providing great service, we’re committed to offering clients the lowest premiums possible, by eliminating expensive frills, and passing the savings on to our customers.

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In 1945, our founder, Edward Millward honorably left his service with the U.S. Air Force, after finishing a tour in the South Pacific Theater, and began his higher education at UCLA. In 1947, he opened up his first insurance brokerage, operating on the guiding principle, “Never sell an Insurance Program to a prospect that you would not buy yourself.” This principle of honesty and efficiency allowed the Agency to grow into what it is today: A leader in the industry, providing services to businesses nationwide.

Millward Established

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1947 Edward Millward returned home after serving 4 years in the Army Air Corp as a rear gunner in a B-24 Bomber. He started his insurance career working for Liberty Mutual Insurance Company selling to the local market.

1954 To further his knowledge, Edward fly’s to Boston in a 4 prop Boeing Constellation, staying over two weeks learning about commercial lines coverages.

1962 Always opportunistic, Edward branches away from the captive carrier, Liberty Mutual, to start an independent agency located in Watts, California. Edward pushes himself 6 to 7 days a week to re-underwrite his book of business.

1965 The LA riots of “65” break out forcing Edward to bring his Smith & Wesson .38 special to work for over 6 months. Luckily there were no run-ins.

1967 To increase his book of business Edward decides to merge with another agency in downtown LA, Arco Insurance, on 7th Street. He obtains 5 new appointments through this partnership which lasts 12 years.

1969 Arco Insurance moves to a new location known today as the Staples Center parking lot. Edward continues to grow his book of business by focusing on commercial insurance while obtaining new appointments with insurance carriers.

1971 Weston Millward is urged by his father, Edward, to clean the building every Saturday, earning a meager $75/month.

1974 Still working at Bragg Crain, a heavy trucking installation firm, Weston calls it quits after being drenched in oil due to a spill by one of the big rigs. He decides to work for his father Edward Millward on June 14th 1974; he continues to clean the building.

1975 New and eager, Weston creates his first program, providing auto insurance to the local college students. Soon after, the loss ratio exceeds 400% and the carrier offering the college auto program cancels the agency’s appointment.

1978 Late one evening, Edward stays behind; he’s tied up with a .45 pointed at his head, robbed but not beaten. He tells his captors that they only have petty cash and suggests they take his Lincoln Continental. The captors flee, not taking the Lincoln. Police find the culprits, Edward goes to court and the whole group is put in prison for a decade. Realizing the Los Angeles area is deteriorating they decide to break away from the cluster and move to Orange County, California.

1981 On January 26th, 1981, while watching the Super Bowl between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Oakland Raiders, Edward suffers a massive heart attack catapulting Weston Millward into the driver’s seat of the agency with minimal training.

1983 Edward comes back to handle the finances part time while Weston leads the agency into a new era. He focuses on niche marketing; targeting pharmacies, silkscreen & embroidery. They move the office again to Laguna Hills, California and set up shop with new push button phones instead of rotary dials.

1984 Weston discovers a goldmine, writing his first Re/Max account, Re/Max Newport Beach. At the suggestion of his client he visits the owner of the Re/Max franchise in Palos Verdes, California and becomes the preferred insurance representative of the California Re/Max franchise. The fax machine is recently introduced, but they still use typewriters.

1987 Edward Millward retires from the agency and bids farewell after 40 years of hard work in the industry he loves.

1992 The agency is thriving, writing Re/Max accounts day and night. The agency decides to purchase new client management software, Redshaw, for $35,000 which helps reduce the time to issue certificates. Computers are now being used and the typewriters are retired.

1994 The software, Redshaw, is soon overwhelmed due to the workload so it’s retired. Weston travels to Idaho to examine a new agency management system, Agency One, he decides to move forward with it.

1996 Due to federal regulations, 90% of the pharmacy program has been lost to bankruptcy; acquisitions and retirement also play a factor. Pacific National files bankruptcy forcing Wes to move a $2.5M book in 60 days to Hartford.

2004 A 5,000 sq ft building is purchased in Lake Forest, California. Instead of complying with the norm, Weston decides to create his own agency management system, a huge undertaking, naming it Hunter Software. This enables the agency to have complete control over their clients’ data not relying on a third party to store it. Foreseeing the future, Weston decides to obtain licenses to sell insurance nationwide.

2006 Hunter Software is implemented and Agency One is gradually shut down. The Re/Max program has peaked and begins to slow down.

2008 The economic climate kills the Re/Max program overnight as the housing market tumbles. Re/Max offices across the state reduce staff or close the doors. Looking for a new niche program, Weston stumbles upon a medical equipment dealer and begins to target them nationwide, the licenses now coming into play.

2009 Due to California’s economic climate, Weston decides to move operations to Utah, dissolving the California corporation. The medical equipment dealer program is taking off, sales are growing and Millward Agency is becoming a recognized player in the industry.

2011 Weston finalizes his building in beautiful Highland, UT, 10,000 sq ft with space to grow. The agency moves in and continues to establish themselves in Utah.

2014 Growth reaches an all-time high, new agents are hired, processing is streamlined and new carrier appointments are acquired. The move to Utah was a pivotal point in the agency’s growth, decreasing our expenses dramatically. With excellent talent available and a friendly business atmosphere, the Millward Agency is flourishing.

We continue to grow and change as we anticipate and meet the ever-changing needs of our clients in this modern economy.