Millward Shotgun Shooting Event August 2015

27 Aug Millward Shotgun Shooting Event August 2015

Millward Agency held yet another successful shotgun shooting event at Wasatch Wing and Clay in Cedar Fort, Utah.  After introductions and our 30 second spiel on gun safety we headed out to 5 stand to get some practice in.  There was a bit of a drought in the beginning, which is to be expected but then everyone started firing on all cylinders, devastating the clay pigeons and their hope for survival. After our warm up session we headed to the trap area and began a heated Annie Oakley competition, these guys weren’t messing around. In the end John Karren was merciless, obliterating the one and only clay he shot all day to win the crown jewel, a leather shell pouch. Our ceremonial tradition was then performed by John, branding the leather shell pouch with the Millward Agency logo. We had such a great time, someone forgot to get more pictures…


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