Millward Shotgun Shooting Event June 2015

07 Jul Millward Shotgun Shooting Event June 2015

Recently, Millward Agency held their first shotgun shooting event at Wasatch Wing and Clay in Cedar Fort, Utah.  There was a great turnout of business owners from a variety of industries; manufacturing, investing, signs, property management, construction, benefits and more.  We started off with 5-Stand where Travis Millward ended up shooting the most times at a single clay, congratulations Travis.  Jason Hoope came in second, mind you he was using a home defense weapon, kudos to you Jason.  We ended the day with a heated competition of Annie Oakley where Jeff Gehring “blasted” away the competition.  Let’s be honest, no one was close to him. Jeff won the coveted leather shell pouch, congrats! We’ll be performing the ceremonial branding of your pouch soon. 6.26.15 - 7 6.26.15 - 5 6.26.15 - 4 6.26.15 - 3 6.26.15 - 1 6.26.15 - 26.26.15 - 6 If you or anyone you know has a need for a review of their current insurance, please keep us in mind. Thanks for coming out!
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